watch os 6

Apple has unveiled watchOS 6, and it makes the Apple Watch more independent than ever.

apple watch app grid

When is the next Apple Watch coming? What features will it have? How much will it cost?

Creative SXFI Air

The Creative Super X-Fi Air puts the best virtual surround-sound experience into headphones that don't measure up quite as well. It's a solid experience, but it should be stellar.

code programming development tunnel

Python is clearly the best choice, unless a better choice is Java or JavaScript. Let’s compare

aquamega 200c three quarter

This countertop water filter reduces nearly a dozen pollutants, but it's not worth the investment for everyone.

Huawei Matebook 14 Matebook X Pro (2019)

The U.S. ban on Huawei calls into question whether the company's Matebook and Matebook Pro laptops are safe to buy. We update you on Intel and Microsoft support, and all the remaining uncertainty.

ring floodlight battery

The Ring Floodlight, Battery is one of the company's new Smart Lighting devices, but it's a little too dim, and a little too simple.

windows terminal microsoft crop

Microsoft has made its revamped Windows Terminal app available in preview for you to download, though many features will be added along the way to a more formal release this winter.

macos catalina pro display xdr

Frequently asked questions about Apple’s next operating system for the Macintosh.