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Microsoft Photo 3D Magic Select lake image

How to use Paint 3D's Magic Select tool to edit out photobombers from your photos

You don't need Adobe Photoshop to cut out an unwanted person or object from your digital photos, just Microsoft's Windows 10. Here's how to use the Magic Select tool within Paint 3D to do the job.

Microsoft > Office 365 > OneDrive logo

Office 365's new device management tool is made for IT, but consumers would like it too

Microsoft says it can automatically manage your Office 365 subscriptions if you exceed the device limit--a convenience for IT departments that now benefits families, too.

chattier cortana Windows 10 18945

Windows 10's latest preview takes steps toward a more conversational Cortana

Windows 10 build 19845 for the Fast Ring adds a new Cortana beta, along with a colorful text cursor and improved Narrator capabilities.

new start screen windows 10 big

New Start screens revealed for Windows and Xbox

Microsoft accidentally revealed a new look for the Windows 10 Start screen, and disclosed a redesign of the Xbox home screen, too.

Windows 10 Microsoft local account screen

How Microsoft made it harder to create Windows 10 local accounts

If you’re thinking about resetting your Windows PC with a local account, consider upgrading to the Windows 10 May 2019 Update first.

Microsoft's Chromium Edge browser

Microsoft tells enterprises to be on Edge

The company has begun telling companies about a variety of corporate features that have been baked into the browser, which is built on underpinnings from Google's Chromium.

Microsoft Windows 10 logo bandage data map

Microsoft starts Windows 10's 1803-to-1903 forced upgrade

The company said it's starting the process of upgrading Windows 10 PCs running last year's April update and moving those PCs to the latest version of the operating system.

tools windows 10 free networking apps networking rouzes getty images

Upcoming Windows 10 1909: Update or upgrade? Microsoft clarifies

The next version of Windows 10, due out this fall, will continue to offer Windows Update for Business controls, the company says.

cortana alexa

Amazon's Alexa might be the first thing you see in a future version of Windows 10

Microsoft announces a new build in which third-party assistants like Amazon Alexa could be enabled on the Windows 10 lock screen. Sorry, Cortana.

Microsoft's Chromium Edge browser

Microsoft previews 'chromified' Edge's group policies to win enterprise approval

Hoping to catch the interest of IT admins, Microsoft is offering a sneak peek of group policies they could use to manage the still-under-development "full-Chromium" Edge.

microsoft msn hearts large

Microsoft is shutting down its online versions of Hearts, Spades, Checkers and more

Microsoft says that it will discontinue the online versions of many popular games, such as Hearts, Backgammon, and Go.

Microsoft Teams start

Microsoft brings new ways to pester your coworkers to Microsoft Teams

Cross-posting, repeated notifications, the ability for your employer to physically know where you are: These are some of the annoying, er, productive features that Microsoft is adding to Teams.

calendar reminders windows 10

Windows 10 Insider Build 18936 lets you skip the password on your PC

With Windows 10 Insider Build 18936, Microsoft lets you skip using a password, among other features being tested for the 20H1 (April 2020) release.

paint 3d remix3d

As Microsoft kills off Remix3D, it's time to save another important Paint 3D feature: Magic Select

Microsoft has begun telling users that its digital archive of Paint 3D content, Remix 3D, will be discontinued. But while Paint3D has Microsoft's attention, it's time to highlight a better feature that needs saving.

virtual update button hovers over a keyboard

Microsoft’s Windows Update system is broken. Will it ever be fixed?

It’s a bad sign when companies answer complaints and concerns with corporate doublespeak.

windows 1.11 3

Microsoft's retro Windows teasers emerge as a Stranger Things promo: the Windows 1.11 app

Microsoft has released a tie-in with the new season of Stranger Things on Netflix: Windows 1.11, an app that wonders what would happen if Windows were corrupted by the Upside Down.

omg laptop computer crash wtf

WTF, Microsoft?

For months Microsoft hid the fact that its Registry backup feature no longer worked, while Windows 10 kept reporting that it was completing successfully. What were you thinking, guys?

eye control 1 large

New Windows 10 feature build improves notifications, eye tracking and Your Phone app

Windows 10 Insider build 18932 adds many more controls to notifications, overhauls the Eye Control user interface and now supports Android notifications within Your Phone.

pcwdigitaledition primary july19

PCWorld's July Digital Magazine: AMD's Ryzen 9 3950X

Enjoy the best of in a curated Digital Magazine for Android and iOS.

windows 10 logo

Microsoft's fall release of Windows 10 will be deliberately anticlimactic

Microsoft's taking a deliberately low-key approach to the so-called 19H2 release of Windows 10 due this September, focusing more on performance improvements than actual new features.

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