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Best TV antennas for cord cutters 2020: Tested for real-world signal strength

Ready to cut the cord? You’ll need a quality antenna to pick up digital broadcasts. Here are our recommendations for best indoor and outdoor TV antennas.

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Mohu Curve 50 TV antenna review: Pretty, but not powerful

This interesting-looking antenna is good for the ‘burbs, but it’s not the best at pulling in broadcast channels.

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Do you need an antenna to cut the cord?

If you're cutting the cord to save money, this guide will help cord-cutters decide if they can save even more by not buying a TV antenna for local channels.

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How to choose a TV antenna

Attention cord cutters: This in-depth guide to HDTV antenna tech will help you find just the right model for tuning in free over-the-air broadcasts.

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Winegard FlatWave Amped indoor TV antenna review: This one pulls in the channels

The FlatWave Amped (model FL-5500A) is one of a series of small, lightweight indoor antennas in Winegard's collection.

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Antennas Direct DB8e review: This large roof-mount TV antenna is great at finding weak signals

The Antennas Direct DB8e is a large outdoor antenna for reception of medium to very weak TV signals. In our tests it did a good job of pulling in distant stations with minimal interference.

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Antennas Direct 91XG review: Another roof-mount TV antenna that delivers great reception

The Antennas Direct 91XG is a large antenna, designed for the reception of medium to very weak signals in the UHF broadcast band, a goal it accomplishes with aplomb.

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There's no such thing as an HD antenna, and other antenna myths busted

Antenna makers plaster their products with all sorts of claims, but how many are true?

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Mohu Leaf Glide review: An antenna to avoid

The Mohu Leaf Glide is one of the largest and most expensive indoor antennas sold by Mohu but its performance lacked.

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Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 Max review: A good multi-directional antenna for your attic or roof

The Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 Max has a unique double figure-8 design and will do best in areas of strong to medium signal strength.

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Winegard Elite 7550 review: A great-performing antenna

The Winegard Elite 7550 can be mounted inside or outside your house and performs well in areas with medium to weaker signals.

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Mohu Blade review: This antenna pulls in the channels and looks attractive too

The Mohu Blade is a long, sleek, and sturdy TV antenna that can be used indoors and outdoors and is a good choice for medium to strong signal reception areas.

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Antennas Direct Clearstream Eclipse Amplified review: A small antenna for strong signals

The Clearstream Eclipse does a fine job on strong signals but you won't want to use this antenna in the sticks.

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Mohu Basic 50 review: A TV antenna for city dwellers

The Mohu Basic 50 is a small, flexible indoor TV antenna suitable for areas with strong or very strong signals.

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Antennas Direct Clearstream Flex review: A great indoor antenna for local TV reception

The Clearstream Flex was a good performer in our tests and should work well in areas of very strong to medium TV signals.

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Kiss your cable bill goodbye: The best indoor TV antennas for cord cutters

Ready to cut the cord? You’ll need a quality antenna to pick up digital broadcasts. Here are our recommendations.


Plex DVR review: Still the best option for power users

Plex is the most powerful over-the-air DVR for cord-cutters, but it's not the easiest to use.

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