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detroit tech hub

Could Detroit become the next Silicon Valley?

Detroit might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of technology, but that's changing. Amazon recently announced plans to build corporate offices in downtown Detroit to help an already fast-growing tech industry in...

sdn microsoft cloud storage

SDN start-up PLUMgrid opens up on OpenStack

Supports more distributions of cloud framework; enhances software for microservices, visibility

social demography thinkstock

A guide to the DEMO Traction 2015 winners in Boston

On September 16 at the Westin Waterfront in Boston, the leaders from 30 enterprise startups all stood on stage in front of thousands of onlookers to tell their stories. James A. Martin gives us the highlights from the event.

sports startups

Big sports teams look to small startups for tech edge

Savvy sports organizations, including the Los Angeles Dodgers and Cleveland Cavaliers, increasingly look to the startup community for technologies that can enhance the fan experience and improve business operations, on and off the...

Female executive holding mobile tablet with security icons floating above

Why startup leaders need to set the tone for security

Amid new calls from federal authorities for prioritizing security in tech startups, industry experts stress the importance of having firm leaders set a cultural tone.


Traction Watch: Cylance gains traction in anti-malware market by thinking differently

Like many of its competitors, Irvine, Calif.-based Cylance developed a product that provides organizations with endpoint security. But Cylance’s Protect takes a different approach, using algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine...


Vroom set to pace the competition

Tech start-up Vroom is set to rack up $1B in car sales in 2016. What's driving the growth in this competitive business market?

innovation digital transformation ts

How captive IT offshore centers are driving IT innovation

Companies like Amazon, Tesco and Honeywell are looking to offshore IT subsidiaries to deliver digital transformation.


Tech startups need to get serious about security

Federal Trade Commission chair takes her message about security by design to the Bay Area, urging young companies not to let the rush to market overshadow critical consumer protections.


Traction Watch: FiveStars enjoys 200 percent growth by sticking to the program

FiveStars, a loyalty app designed to bring retail customers back by offering them incentives and rewards has been enjoying a 200 percent increase across all growth metrics over the past 6 months. Their business model seems to be...

switch ios app

Traction Watch: Job app Switch grows job applications 220 percent in one month

The age-old process of finding and applying for jobs is finally getting some serious disruption from a Tinder-like startup app playing matchmaker to businesses and potential employees.


Traction Watch: Kurbo pivots to obtain 300 percent revenue growth

With an easy to use app, expert health coaches, and a well planned B2B2C pivot, Kurbos is now projected to see a 300 percent revenue growth spurt for 2015.

 CIOs create formal processes to get innovative tech from startups

CIOs create formal processes to get innovative tech from startups

IT leaders can get an innovation injection by tapping into the startup ecosystem via tech incubators, advisory boards and word of mouth

Traction Watch: Looker aims to get that data out of the silos

Growth happens when you create opportunities for other companies and Santa Clara-based business intelligence and data discovery service, Looker, is doing just that, by giving organizations insight into their data. Their service allows...


Traction Watch: StayMobile to grow 161% in next 12 months using multi-pronged business model

StayMobile's core mission is to focus on the ecosystem around phones. To do this, they cover three main areas, in addition to Protection Plan offerings for your mobile device, they offer same day repair for your damaged mobile device...


Traction Watch: CartoDB jumps 300 percent in revenue this year, attracting 100,000 users

By offering a cutting edge map analytics engine, and offering it up as open source, the Madrid based SaaS solution provider, CartoDB is striking gold in the location-based services market.

cios execs security thinkstock

Traction Watch: Cybrary helps fill gap of 1 million unoccupied cybersecurity jobs

Cybrary is closing the gap in unfilled cybersecurity jobs around the world through open-sourcing training. Putting the information in the hands of everyone from entry-level professionals all the way up to business leaders has helped...

tech unicorns2

The 15 biggest enterprise ‘unicorns’

These are 15 of the highest valued enterprise software companies that have received venture funding but have not yet been sold or gone public.

Traction Watch: 300 million products on Zazzle are fueling $250M in revenue

Zazzle, a perfect example of how scale fuels growth. And with a more is more concept of growing the business, this e-commerce site is emerging as a profitable frontrunner.

banner fliptop

How engineering the engineers out of their product helped Fliptop grow quickly

Fliptop, an online data analytics provider, is seeing record growth by delivering easy to use tools that allow customers to act like data scientists.

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