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Hero hacks: 14 Raspberry Pi projects primed for IT

VoIP PBXes, NTP servers, Web-controlled power strips -- hack together one of these handy, cheap solutions for the server closet and beyond

How the target breach has affected small business data security

Hackers increasingly target small firms as a way to get to the big guys. Here's what companies need to do to step up their game.

Data Security

How the Target Breach Has Affected Small Business Data Security

Data breaches continue to plague large retailers, but that doesn't mean small businesses are immune. In fact, hackers increasingly target small firms as a way to get to the big guys. Here's what companies need to do to step up their...


Weary of takedowns, Microsoft looks for partners in crime fighting

Microsoft has grown weary of its role as the Internet's Dirty Harry and, increasingly, is looking for partners to share the load of fighting cyber crime.

First look: Android L in action

The new Android version comes with a UI refresh, not new features alone

Gadgets galore: 8 digital products from CE Week

CE Week, a New York City-based exhibition from the same folks who bring you the huge CES show in Las Vegas, attracts vendors who are showing new, innovative or just-plain-weird products. Here is a sampling of what we saw.

10 tech support requests you never want to hear from your family

Image by Archiboldian licensed under CC BY 2.0If you’re a techie it’s likely that someone in your family will ask you a question about their cell phone, their computer, their iPad, their you-name-it … and not long after the whole...

Watch out for these smartwatches

With Apple expected to launch an iWatch in October, other vendors including Samsung, LG and Motorola, are getting a headstart with smartwatches in varied shapes and colors.

1 in 5 small businesses still use Windows XP, survey says

A survey by antivirus firm Bitdefender finds that 18% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are still using Windows XP despite the end of support from Microsoft and the near-apocalyptic predictions that led up to its end of life....

Judge Not Sold on $324M Settlement in Silicon Valley Tech Worker Case

The suit accuses companies like Apple and Google of conspiring not to hire each others' workers

Report: Oracle in Talks to Buy Hospitality Tech Vendor Micros for More Than $5 Billion

Micros' products would likely be aligned with Oracle's sales, marketing and support software lines

15 Chrome OS productivity apps that work offline

Chromebooks are lightweight, inexpensive and efficient -- in other words, great for business travel. But can these cloud-based laptops operate when you're off Wi-Fi? Sure they can -- here are 15 productivity apps that can work with...

6 top ecommerce platforms for do-it-yourself small businesses

Ecommerce business owners cast their votes for the shopping carts and ecommerce platforms that are most tailored to the do-it-yourselfer -- no design or Web development team required.

10 Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 Success Stories

Organizations around the world are unlocking business intelligence with the cloud-based Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 service. Here are 10 examples of its success in the real-world.

Paypal Launches 'PassPort' Site to Help Merchants Seize a Growing Overseas Market

The site includes country-specific information, including shopping customs

Biggest, baddest, boldest software backdoors of all time

These 12 historically insidious backdoors will have you wondering what’s in your software -- and who can control it

Put your NFC-enabled smartphone to work

As NFC proliferates on new smartphones, we're entering the era of touch-and-go business.

Six Docker services making serious waves

Docker is primed to take IT by storm -- and here are six new services to make the most of the open source app-container technology

Toshiba Canvio Home Backup & Share: A capable home NAS with easy remote access

Toshiba's Canvio NAS box is surprisingly feature-rich and capable, but lacks self-backup capabilities.

10 great new features in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft woos customers to the cloud with a slew of new networking, security, storage, DR, management, and orchestration capabilities

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