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Alcatel-Lucent aims to fix network issues before they arise

The Proactive Services suite uses algorithms developed by Bell Labs to identify network trends

Trend Micro takes aim at stealthy hackers stealing secrets

Trend Micro says its new line of line of network-analysis tools and security services can catch hackers in action breaking into networks

Top 10 free open source tools for network admins

From troubleshooting DNS queries and misbehaving network apps to keeping your configurations and passwords organized, these tools have you covered

Gartner slams Cisco's single-vendor network vision

Enterprises can significantly reduce their costs and simplify their operations by deploying multivendor networks, according to Gartner report

Oracle expands systems management suite

Oracle's new Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center can watch servers, operating systems, and virtual containers

Beware these network vulnerabilities inside the network

Here are the top 10 ways your network can be attacked from inside and what businesses can do to protect their servers

Will the complexity of IT systems be our undoing?

ObjectWatch CTO Roger Sessions gives his take on the problem of increasing complexity and outlines some possible solutions

The best open source networking software: 2010

Bossies 2010: Networking InfoWorld's Best of Open Source Software Awards (aka Bossies) are selected annually by InfoWorld Test Center editors and reviewers. Our picks for the best networking software and tools of 2010 include the...

Facebook outage caused by database glitch

Facebook's second outage of the week, caused by an error in database logic, underscores the need for effective testing and change control procedures

Visual Networks introduces monitoring software for SMEs

Techworld – Visual Network Systems has released VPM Xpress, a cut-down version of its network monitoring of its VPM product. The tool combines data from a variety of sources into a single view enabling enterprises to...

Brocade to release unified IP, Fibre Channel network management

Brocade Network Advisor lets network admins manage SANs through a single user interface while also reducing network downtime and increasing security

Eight great virtual appliances for VMware, free for the downloading

The combination of free open source and virtual machines is hard to beat; here are some of the handiest virtual appliances

VMware vCloud Director gets Zenoss monitoring app

The Zenoss Enterprise server and networking monitoring application has been customized for monitoring VMware vCloud deployments

InfoWorld review: Better network security, compliance with log management

ArcSight, LogRhythm, and NitroSecurity ace mining event logs for security alerting, compliance auditing, and other uses

Cisco announces enterprise-spanning energy management

The Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager 6300 server can work across thousands of buildings and all energy-using systems

Oracle engineer reveals latency mysteries with heat maps

Heat maps can reveal, though not always explain, system latency, argues Brendan Gregg

HP's system tools can now manage public cloud

The lack of cloud interface standards isn't a deal breaker, but would make processes easier

Identity management is top enterprise security priority

Data-loss prevention, antivirus, firewalls, and intrusion prevention round out the list of enterprises' top five security concerns, according to Gartner survey

10 tips for boosting network performance

Accelerate the pace of your business with these 10 tech tips tailored for speed

QLogic rolls out InfiniBand network optimization software

Updated InfiniBand Fabric Suite software automates the provisioning of bandwidth at the host and in the network

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