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12 things cord-cutters (and everyone else) should know about HBO Max

You don't need to be a cord-cutter to be curious about HBO Max. Here's what you need to know as the new streaming service launches today.

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The best internet radio stations: Streaming tips and our top station picks

Streaming music via internet radio is one of the world's best free entertainment options.

spotify mobile new look

Spotify nixes 10,000-item limit for saved music libraries

Spotify fanatics, rejoice: no more will you need to prune your collections of songs and albums because your Spotify library is maxed out.

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What's in the latest Chrome update? Whole lot of security, privacy shakin' goin' on

After skipping version 82 because of the pandemic, Google this week released Chrome 83, which offers users DNS-over-HTTPS and – eventually – tab grouping.

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Amazon Prime Day 2020: Everything you need to know about Amazon's shopping extravaganza

Summer approaches, and with it, Amazon's big "Black Friday in July" deals. Here's what you need to know about the retailer's upcoming sale bonanza.

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Netflix to automatically cancel subscriptions for long-dormant accounts

Netflix says it hopes to save people “some hard earned cash” by canceling the subscriptions of those who haven’t streaming in more than a year.

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Microsoft adds Edge features: Sidebar search, Pinterest tie-ins and more

Microsoft lays out new features for Edge, including sidebar search, work-specific results, a Pinterest partnership and more.

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Apple TV+ six months later: How does Apple's streaming service hold up?

It has been half a year since Apple launched its premium video streaming service. Consider this a midterm report card.

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Google Chrome will begin adding color-coded tab groups next week

Google will launch what it's calling tab groups next week within Chrome, which will allow you to group and color-code groups of tabs by topic.

Slack shortcuts

Slack reworks its interface to reorganize the sidebar and emphasize apps

The popular enterprise messaging and collaboration app gets a face-lift to encourage users to use third-party integrated apps and reorganize the navigation sidebar how they'd like.

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The pandemic reveals the need for better telemedicine

As the COVID-19 crisis grew, areas that lacked high-speed internet access couldn’t benefit from remote telehealth exams.

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Gmail-like text prediction is due soon for Outlook on the Web

Microsoft's list of upcoming features includes text prediction, one of the more innovative features of Google's Gmail.

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Spotify’s Group Session feature lets your friends control your music queue

Once you've created a Group Session, your friends can take charge of your Spotify tunes in real time.

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What's in the latest Firefox upgrade? Firefox 76 augments password manager to stymie breach impacts

The latest version of Mozilla's browser gets enhanced password protections, fixes 11 flaws and includes tweaks to the video picture-in-picture feature that debuted in Firefox 71.

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Why didn’t COVID-19 break the internet?

The internet survived huge surges in traffic during the coronavirus pandemic because the infrastructure was designed to survive just such an emergency.

windows search coronavirus

Microsoft starts pushing coronavirus info in Windows Search

Microsoft is helping people find information on the spread of COVID-19, putting links to coronavirus info to Windows Search within Windows 10.

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Facebook Messenger Rooms challenges Zoom with free, unlimited group video calls

Remember Facebook? The social networking giant wants to remind you that it should be your first stop for video conferencing and video calls with its new Messenger Rooms.

google search watchlist

How to create a movie and TV show watchlist using Google Search

Google’s new watchlist feature lets you select the streaming video services you're subscribed to, as well as filter recommendations by genre or what’s available for free.

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Internet radio: Everything you need to know to stream a world's worth of fantastic music for free

Hey, we dig Sonos Radio, but you don’t need a Sonos speaker to enjoy internet radio. Allow us to be your guide to this fabulous resource.

cord cutting streaming cable television

Cord-cutting myths busted: Why you should stop worrying and dump cable

If you're not sure if cord-cutting is for you, we've broken down, busted, and dispelled the biggest myths that might be holding you back from saving serious money.

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