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How to check your PC's CPU temperature

Is your PC's processor too hot? Here's how to monitor your computer's CPU temperature, and lower it if needed.

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Intel Core i9-9900KS Special Edition Review: More power, less point

Intel's all-5GHz Core i9-9900KS Special Edition steals the "best gaming" CPU title from its own predecessor. But the world wasn't necessarily asking for more frames.

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Intel's Core i9-9900KS Special Edition launches this week for $513

Intel’s 5GHz Core i9-9900KS Special Edition will set you back a cool $513 when it goes on sale October 30. Although it produces up to 33 percent more heat, every single core will boost up to 5GHz.

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Ask a PC expert: Should you spend more on a CPU or a graphics card?

PCWorld's experts explain how to balance between the CPU and GPU in your PC build, and when you might want to spend more on one or the other.

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Intel's unexpected, prolonged processor shortage dampens its record quarter

Intel confesses it still can't supply enough processors, especially in the low end of the PC market. So it's investing heavily to fix things.

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Intel tells us more about Tremont, the Atom core inside the Surface Neo and Lakefield chip

Intel is taking the wraps off Tremont, its next-generation Atom processor inside Intel's hybrid Lakefield design and the Microsoft Surface Neo.

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No, Intel didn't confirm its discrete Xe GPUs will support ray tracing

Intel said translation errors may have lead some to believe its upcoming graphics card will have ray tracing support.

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Intel kills Kaby Lake G, vows to offer drivers for five years

Intel finally killed its odd-duck, against-all-odds CPU based on AMD's Vega graphics.

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Intel shows off the 'Element,' another modular CPU design for servers or workstations

This summer, Intel showed off the NUC Compute Element for laptops. It's now launched a Xeon-based "Element" that could be used for servers or possibly desktops.

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Intel launches powerful Core-X series processors at drastically lower prices

Intel's next-gen “Cascade-X” chips will go on sale in November, touted as the ultimate creator’s platform for freelancers and enthusiasts.

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Microsoft Surface wins would be a big deal for AMD, Qualcomm

If Microsoft taps both the AMD mobile Ryzen and a Qualcomm 8cx for its Surface lineup, it will go a long way toward establishing both as viable Intel competitors.

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Why Amazon Care may be the new model for corporate healthcare

Amazon's pilot program for providing healthcare to Seattle-area employees through telemedicine and at-home visits is only the latest in a concerted effort by companies to cut costs and improve care for employees.

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Intel's Core i9-9900K, the fastest gaming CPU, is cheaper than ever

We love the Core i9-9900K for gaming, and today you can get it from Amazon at its all-time low.

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Intel maps out Optane's future and says Penta Level Cell NAND is in the works

Intel next-gen Barlow Pass persistent memory to pair with Cooper Lake and Ice Lake CPUs, while Arbordale+ will bring 144 layer Penta-Layer Cell SSDs

The Full Nerd

The Full Nerd ep. 105: Intel gets salty, Ryzen's boost bug, and the best GPUs right now

In this episode of The Full Nerd, it's all CPUs and GPUs.

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Intel: Core i9-9900KS, Cascade Lake-X chips will ship in October

At IFA, Intel tries to head off AMD's next-gen Threadripper by announcing a timetable for its monstrous Core i9-9900KS and the upcoming Cascade Lake-X multicore processors.

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Intel adds 'retro scaling' to Ice Lake CPUs to make pixel-art games look more crisp on modern displays

As promised, an Intel graphics patch has added support for integer scaling and nearest-neighbor interpolation to Ice Lake CPUs, under the 'retro scaling' branding.

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Ask a PC expert: Should you buy an unlocked K-series Intel CPU, or save money on a non-K chip?

PCWorld CPU guru breaks down what you get and what you don't when you pay extra for an unlocked K-series Intel processor.

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