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CSO Digital Magazine, Spring 2019
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How we selected 10 hot business continuity startups to watch

Here's the process used to winnow down the possible candidates for mention in our business-continuity roundup.

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10 hot business-continuity startups to watch

A crop of well-funded young businesses embrace blockchain, machine learning, data analytics and more to stave off costly disaster downtime.

disaster recovery plan ts

What is disaster recovery planning? How to ensure business continuity

Organizations prepare for everything from natural disasters to cyber-attacks with disaster recovery plans that detail a process to resume mission-critical functions quickly and without major losses in revenues or business operations.

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IoT: A vulnerable asset but also a tool in disaster recovery

Digital twins within Internet of Things (IoT) systems, which represent a live, updated digital state of a collection of resources, could be used in a disaster-recovery situation.

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