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Energy sector a prime target for cyber attacks

Experts say the nation's critical infrastructure remains woefully vulnerable

Building control systems can be pathway to Target-like attack

Credentials stolen from automation and control providers were used in Target hack

The 8 most significant ways physical security has evolved

From RFID badges to facial recognition, physical security has changed quite a bit over the years. We walk you through the most significant changes we've seen so far

Smart devices get smarter, but still lack security

While many smart devices are coming with more cool features, improved security isn't one of them

Internet cyber security

House bill favors private-government cooperation over regulation

National Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection Act of 2013 to support country's major infrastructure sectors

Blue Cross: 840,000 healthcare records at risk after laptop theft

Two employee laptops stolen in November from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Shopping risks to guard against this holiday season

Credit card skimming devices and hidden cameras are just two ways crooks make this the most scam-filled time of the year for shoppers

Keeping high-profile meetings safe and secure

Advanced technology and the ubiquity of smartphones make it easier than ever for outsiders to comprimise the security of meetings, but Harlan Calhoun has some tips to fight off would-be spies

Tablets, Mobile Malware Heighten BYOD Security Concerns

With the increased popularity of powerful tablets and the rise in mobile malware, it's no surprise that Forrester research released today shows that IT managers feel uneasy about BYOD.

Weak global economy contributed to $112 billion loss from retail theft

Shoplifting, fraud, organized crime, and errors led to 1.4 percent dent in retail sales

Security Manager's Journal: The ins and outs of extending DLP

I love DLP! That's not a statement that would sell a chief financial officer on data leak prevention, but I can show real ROI from our deployment as well.


Changeable default passwords are not seen as vulnerabilities by ICS-CERT, but should they be?

Experts disagree with ICS-CERT, find issue to be severe

Don't Live in Fear of Your Cloud Storage Provider Going Under

The closure of cloud storage provider Nirvanix sent a chill through the cloud storage industry and its customers, but is it really a big deal?

Critical infrastructure risks still high

Attacks are up, sharply, and experts say some utilities may not even know they've been compromised


Gang exploits both physical and system security during bank robbery

Police arrest eight men in connection with a reported $2-million robbery at Barclays Bank, accomplished by compromising both physical and system security

Major changes ahead as NIST cybersecurity framework nears October publication

Even as the deadline for the NIST cybersecurity framework, developed per an executive order, looms ever nearer, changes are still being implemented

Your (not-so) smart home

The 'connected' home is technologically advanced and very convenient. Unfortunately, that also makes it an easy in for hackers, too

What litigation tells us about the dangers of IP theft

Former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain famously said "In war, there are no winners. Only losers." The same can be said of intellectual property (IP) lawsuits involving departing employees, since – outside of lawyers and...

Symantec software monitors sensitive Apple iOS iPhone, iPad e-mail

Symantec today said the updated version of its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) suite will be able to monitor confidential data sent by e-mail via Apple iPhones and iPads.

Gallery: Telltale signs of ATM skimming

ATM skimming schemes involve installing fraudulent equipment that criminals use to steal credit and debit card numbers and PINs. Industry estimates calculate that ATM fraud costs banks and consumers billions of dollars annually. Here...

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