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EMC smarts to trickle down to consumers

EMC plans to hand down advanced features, including de-duplication and even virtualization, to consumer products coming out of its recently purchased Iomega division. The Hopkinton, Massachusetts, company is best known for its...

Storage appliance aimed at high-profile customers

Storage startup Ocarina Networks has upgraded its data de-duplication appliance to further reduce wasted disk space, and is now targeting the product at a wider number of industries

Riverbed to boost storage efficiency

Riverbed plans to use some of its WAN optimization technology to free up space in existing data-storage systems and as a side effect speed up applications and servers that have to handle the data. (Learn more about WAN optimization.)

NetApp de-dupes EMC, Hitachi, HP storage

NetApp can now de-duplication primary storage from third-party vendors such as EMC, Hitachi and HP.

NetApp de-dupes EMC, Hitachi, HP storage

NetApp can now de-duplicate primary storage from third-party vendors such as EMC, Hitachi and HP.

What the gas crisis means for your IT costs

With U.S. gas prices solidly topping the $4 per gallon price barrier, the automobile industry is taking a beating. Truck sales have slowed and conspiracy theories are circulating the Internet to explain the shortage of some hybrid car...

HP adds deduplication

HP last week introduced not just one, but two data deduplication technologies that let IT reduce the amount of data they back up.

$1.3 billion spent on storage power and cooling, IDC says

The cost of providing power and cooling to all the world’s spinning disk drives exceeded $1.3 billion in 2007, IDC says in a new report.

EMC upgrades backup portfolio, unveils power saving technology

MC updated its backup products and unveiled new power-saving technology at EMC World this week.

IBM acquires Diligent Technologies

As rumored for the past month, IBM last week finally acquired Diligent Technologies, a startup with de-duplication technology.

Ocarina claims online de-dupe breakthrough

De-duplication has become popular for backup data, but not for primary storage. Now, U.S. start-up company Ocarina Networks wants to change that, with a data reduction technology which it claims can shrink live production data too -...

Hifn speeds deduplication performance by 10-times

If you've been concerned about the performance impact deduplication exacts on your network, Hifn may just have the product you've been thinking about. The company's recently released DR 250 and DR 255 acceleration adapters work with...

De-dupe card offers compression acceleration

Chip specialist Hifn has announced de-duplication cards that it claims can add data reduction capabilities to an iSCSI or NAS server, by off-loading the processor-heavy job of identifying repeated or redundant data.

Data Domain cuts the cost of de-duplication

Data de-duplication specialist Data Domain has brought out a compact version of its storage appliance, called the DD120. Data Domain's technology is designed to reduce the amount of data that has to be backed-up or replicated, by...

Data-protection vendors bolster wares

Data protection vendors Bocada, Arsenal Digital Solutions and Digisense separately announced upgraded software and services designed to help enterprises better manage and protect their data.

Girl Scouts box up new IT flavor: Data de-duplicationa

Set to celebrate its 100th anniversary in just five years, the Girl Scouts of the United States of America are already looking to the future and how they can better manage critical data growth by incorporating new de-duplication...

Quantum sues Riverbed over data de-duplication

Quantum sues Riverbed Technology for patent infringement over its use of data de-duplication technology just after settling such a dispute with Data Domain.

FANs get enhanced; Ellison-backed Pillar Data adds data de-duplication

Information management vendors Attune Systems and Abrevity last week announced enhancements to their file-area networking management products. Meanwhile, Larry Ellison-backed Pillar Data added de-duplication of data to its array with...

Seagate’s EVault data vault service extends to Microsoft SharePoint

The storage service provider market is heating up again as EVault introduces software this week that extends its coverage to Microsoft SharePoint environments and adds data de-duplication to its platform.

EMC unveils dedupe, backup for virtual, physical environments

EMC introduces two appliances for protecting virtual and physical environments.

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