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Google steps up push for Chromebooks in the office

Just as new low-cost Windows laptops are about to hit the market, Google is introducing new capabilities aimed at making Chromebooks more appealing to business users.


Make more of email with mining

Take the risk out of Office 365 and find out what you don't know that you know with Mimecast archiving.


Google steps up push for Chromebooks in the office

Just as new low-cost Windows machines are about to hit the market, Google comes out with a new package of Chromebook features aimed at businesses.

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Steve Ballmer and the guy from the time machine

If a time traveler from 2014 told Steve Ballmer in 2004 what the tech landscape looked like today, he never would've believed it.

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Stop complaining when Microsoft pulls an update to fix it

Faster deployment means we'll see bugs; that's just the way consumerization works.

MobileIron brings mobile management into mainstream IT

MobileIron announced on Monday plans to add integration with Microsoft System Center Console Manager (SCCM) as a feature to its EMM suite.

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Google faces uphill fight in mobile messaging

Search giant Google reportedly plans to roll out a mobile messaging app to compete with WhatsApp.


Perovskites: Hard-to-say material could reinvent solar power

Perovskite. Per-ov-skite. In some corners of the materials science world, these new types of solar voltaic cells, with their tongue-twisting name, are all the rage. This week a group of Italian researchers published a paper in...

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Chris Anderson: Commercial drone users will walk before they run

3D Robotics' Chris Anderson envisions very broad usage of drones by businesses, but says that companies will start out slow as they test out the concept.

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The Physical Web: Google's Trojan Horse gift to the Internet of Things

Google's new initiative, The Physical Web, aims to create a URL-based system for the Internet of Things. It also could be a boon for the world's largest collector of information.

Survey: BYOD security remains spotty, with users unaware or unmotivated about risks

A new survey from BitDefender shows that more and more people use their own mobile devices for work, but the security measures lag.

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New HDMI stick is first Chromecast competitor based on Firefox

A San Jose startup has announced the release of its own streaming dongle, the Matchstick. It features an open developer toolkit and is powered by a faster processor with more memory than Chromecast, the company claims.

Local virtual desktops may be the (old) new thing in BYOD

As an increasing number of IT organizations become interested in enabling bring-your-own-PC programs for their employees, an old idea may be gaining fresh adherents: desktop virtualization.

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CBS Interactive CIO Says Shadow IT Is an Opportunity

By looking at the shadow IT that lines-of-business deploy and asking business leaders how it improves their business, IT organizations can gain a better understanding of what they can bring to the table to help the business succeed.

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Microsoft Sway: PowerPoint on steroids

Microsoft unveiled a new Office app, called Sway, designed to let users easily build nice presentations.

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Windows 10: The BYOD Windows

Microsoft's unveiling of not Windows 9, but Windows 10 shows an OS release that's firmly targeted at 100 million Windows 7 users - but with a twist or two.

Former iPhone manager: Apple will struggle to analyze watch data

Inventors, investors, and entrepreneurs gathered for Wearable Wednesday in downtown San Francisco at the offices of Wearable World, an incubator for companies building tech that attaches to various parts of the body. Participants...

Fiberlink wipes one smartphone or tablet every three minutes

A study of devices managed by Fiberlink's MaaS360 showed that 450 mobile devices are wiped every day as part of a security policy.

Passport sellouts at 200,000 preorders reveal a more modest BlackBerry

BlackBerry boasts of numbers that would make larger companies wince


How companies can take advantage of the MOOC revolution

The consumerization of employee training.

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