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Around the World With BYOD

More than half of employees across the global bring a mobile device to work. However, when you look at individual countries, the results vary wildly in terms of ownership and adoption -- surprisingly, some tech-loving countries are...

How 'Facebook at Work' Could Alter the Social Enterprise Landscape

Facebook is readying a new social network for the workplace that could represent the purest manifestation of the consumerization of IT movement to date. The success of 'Facebook at Work' will, however, rest on the company's ability to...

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BYOD Brings Corporate Contradictions

CIOs naturally want a BYOD policy in place to give them some level of control, but the reality is that employees will do whatever they want regardless of the policy.

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Comcast app lets customers track service techs in real time

To avoid forcing customers to sit at home waiting for their cable fix, ComCast today unveiled a mobile app that lets customers track where service techs are in real time.

Cisco's Project Squared mobile collaboration app

Cisco crashes the enterprise mobile party with new collaboration app

Cisco will package and deliver enterprise collaboration capabilities via a mobile and Web app built to replicate the ease of use of consumer software but designed for ad hoc, workplace team interaction.

Smartphone and tablets

Top workplace tablet in U.S. runs on Windows

U.S. companies use Windows tablets slightly more than iPads and Android tablets, according to a recent Harris poll of IT decision makers.

amazon echo

Amazon launches Echo voice-activated personal assistant, music player

The tube-like speaker is always on, and can respond to commands and questions even when playing music, allowing users to ask for information, music, news, weather, and more. Echo begins working as soon as it hears you say the wake...

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Hilton and Starwood hotel guests can soon unlock rooms with smartphones

Two of the word’s largest hotel chains, Hilton and Starwood, will offer an app that allows guests to unlock their hotel rooms with their smartphones.

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Amazon launches $39 Chromecast competitor

Amazon has launched its Fire TV Stick, an HDMI dongle that streams content to your TV from any enabled device.

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Your next fridge could charge all your mobile devices

Consumer appliance maker Haier has signed a partnership wth Energous to embed wireless charging technology in home appliances that will be able to transmit up to 4 watts in a 15-foot radius.

Dell Latitude E7440

Three can't-miss deals on Intel 'Haswell' PCs

As the holiday season approaches, PC makers are starting to clear their shelves. Here are three must-see deals on PCs you can score if you act fast.

Apple's new iPads

Apple, Amazon, and the growing importance of tightly integrated experiences

One of the star features of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite is how tightly integrated and seamless the user experience has become across all Apple devices. It's something that only Apple and a handful of companies can pull off, but it's also...

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Wearable health devices are a novelty that wear off

A new PwC report shows that one third of those who bought a health-monitoring wearable device more than a year ago rarely use them now.

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Wearables Will Put Internet Under Strain Warns Akamai

Cloud services and content delivery firm is looking at new protocols and mesh networking

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Workers use their own devices at work, without boss's knowledge

Many workers use their personally owned smartphones and other computers for job tasks, but a new survey shows a big percentage are doing so without their employer's knowledge.

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How a coworking space made me rethink my computing needs

As our workplaces become more flexible and more customizable to our needs, we need to ensure that we choose the right desktop, notebook, and mobile computing options to be successful in those variable workspaces.

Apple iPad Mini 3

Apple's iPad lineup now offers something for almost every customer

In launching its new iPads, Apple has wisely retained last year's models along with the original iPad mini. The result is that Apple, typically perceived as a company that caters to only high-end consumers, is now offering products...

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Tesla S teardown reveals it's more like a smartphone than a car

Two NVIDIA Tegra processor modules are at the heart of the electronic components in the Model S.


How wearables and wellness programs are transforming the workplace

Fitness trackers, other wearable devices, and employee wellness programs are becoming popular among many employers. While these trends are in their infancy, they may very well transform the landscape of the workplace and office design....

Google Glass

How will Google Glass distort interactions with friends?

A study showed that people tend to act in a "prosocial" manner -- extra engaging or friendly -- for about 10 minutes, when they know the camera is there, and then revert to standard behavior.

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