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What is cyber insurance and why you need it

Cyber insurance can't protect your organization from cybercrime, but it can keep your business on stable financial footing should a significant security event occur.

Is the patient the cure to AI healthcare ills?

The expectations of big data and artificial intelligence disrupting the medical industry has been less then impressive to date. Why is that?

CIOs need to avoid a mistaken path to DevOps

Fundamental operational changes required for DevOps.

byod challenges for it leaders

BYOD continues to add challenges for IT leaders

A recent study shows that more workers are turning to personal mobile devices to get work done, but businesses need to consider not only the security threats, but also the effect on company culture.

reach out sky cloud hand

Cloud adoption soars, but integration challenges remain

With approximately 90 percent of businesses using the cloud in some fashion, it's safe to say the technology has become a mainstay in IT. But challenges remain beyond the initial integration.

revel at cinnabon official image

Cinnabon seeks customer insights to boost stickiness

The Bakery chain is piloting iPads, Apple Pay and cloud software in several stores, as part of a digital refresh to bolster the Focus Brands property's fortunes. The systems will funnel data into a data warehouse, ostensibly to...

scrum sprint

How Ixia and Apple prove scrum works

After looking at the agile process used by Apple and network security company Ixia, Rob Enderle wonders why there aren’t more scrums taking place.

change management cio

How to tackle change management in an era of automation

CIOs must revamp IT systems, processes and staff roles, thanks to the rise of automation facilitated by artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things and analytics.

godaddycom 2617 rwh

GoDaddy rebrands itself with an eye on diversity

With new leadership, the domain provider once best-known for its racy commercials is now at the forefront of the push for greater diversity and inclusion, and that's helping the company attract great talent.

tech giants core values

7 tech giants share their core values

Companies such as Apple, Amazon and Google are so entrenched in American culture, it's hard to remember that they're businesses with a mission and company culture. MidAmerican Nazarene University studied these seven companies to...

cyber insurance

Need for cyber-insurance heats up, but the market remains immature

CIOs are scrambling to purchase cyber-insurance, but the need may be outpacing a market that continues to evolve in the face of significant cyberattacks.

multiple speed it

It is time for CIOs to shift gears to multi-speed IT

It is not practical to work as quickly as possible to accommodate all business needs at the same speed, with the same priority. The answer requires multi-speed capabilities that allow you to shift gears at the right time to achieve...

death of the office telephone

Is the office desk phone obsolete?

The increasing prevalence of texting, video calls, collaboration apps like Slack and Yammer, and millennials' preference for mobile devices all seem to point to the death of the office phone as we know it. But research shows the...

it communication trouble thinkstock

8 ways to effectively communicate with clients

Business communication experts discuss the best methods for interacting with clients.

bi modal it and what it means to you

How bimodal IT is helping companies hire and retain workers

Bimodal IT is a fairly new concept, but if you embrace it you can empower your workforce. With the right employees in the right work environment, risk takers and more traditional IT pros are much less likely to butt heads.

striking a balance

How PMOs can balance time, cost and quality

‘Triple constraint’ is a term often heard in project management. But how does it translate into achieved or missed project and organizational objectives? Here are six questions project managers need to ask themselves.

hands raised classroom kids

Is your vendor smarter than a 5th grader?

Let’s face it, the IT project bidding process contains a reasonable amount of gamesmanship. Particularly if you’re playing multiple consultancies against each other. Let’s look at some of the tactics often used in trying to gain an...

big data lessons

comScore CTO shares big data lessons

Digital analytics company comScore has been using Hadoop to process its big data since 2009. With six years of experience using the technology in production, comScore CTO Mike Brown shares some of the lessons he's learned.

10 habits of high growth companies

Traction Watch: The habits of high-growth companies

How do high-growth companies operate? in this video from DEMO Traction, growth hacker and Qualaroo CEO Sean Ellis explains ten key habits that lead to high-growth.

careless workers security

Security best practices for users is your first line of defense

Most savvy businesses are on top of their game when it comes to securing networks, encrypting sensitive data and keeping private customer information safe. But there's a glaring security vulnerability you may not have thought of: your...

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