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Google’s Go language could get generics in 2021

Generics have been requested by Go programmers for years for the simplicity and flexibility they offer

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How to manage Python projects with Pipenv

Have your Python projects become a rat’s nest? Pipenv provides a clean and easy way to manage virtual environments and packages together

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Apple announces WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge winners

The company has highlighted three of the 350 winner from 41 countries.

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Top 5 Udemy Courses to Take for Summer 2020

See what are Udemy’s best courses to take this summer to enhance your skills in web development, data science, programming, and computer science.

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Go 1.15 moves to beta, offering smaller binary sizes

New version of Google-built language focuses on compiler, runtime, and linker improvements

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Devops expert Gene Kim: How devops helps business meet challenging times

Gene Kim, devops’ foremost advocate, expounds on the impact COVID-19 could have on devops practices and why devops expertise is still a hot commodity

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Google Dart gains sound null safety

Now available in tech preview, Dart’s null safety guarantees eliminate common null dereferencing errors and aid performance optimization

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Vue.js 3.0 brings more speed, more TypeScript

Now in beta, Vue 3.0 promises significantly faster rendering in a general release by the end of June

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How IT priorities are shifting during the COVID-19 crisis

Survey from AppDynamics indicates the acceleration of digital transformation during the pandemic creates new IT risks

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MongoDB 4.4 brings query, sharding improvements

Latest public beta for the popular NoSQL database features new clustering, read-optimizing, and data-balancing capabilities

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Mozilla revamps RegExp support in SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine

New RegExp engine in Firefox Developer Edition closes the gap with regular expression features in ECMAScript

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Gradle 6.5 adds file system watching to improve build times

Update to JVM-based build tool also features improved version dependency ordering

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GitLab 13.0 emphasizes security

Collaboration and design management also get nods in latest upgrade to the integrated devops platform

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5 ways to drive agile experimentation using feature flags

Feature flags provide today's developers with tools to roll out new features to specific audiences, test A/B options, and control deployment with greater speed and fewer risks

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Android Studio 4.0 adds Motion Editor and Build Analyzer

Animation and builds get special attention in the latest upgrade to the official IDE for Android development

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6 Windows desktop utilities every software developer needs

Screen capture, image management, clipboard enhancements, and other handy tools to enhance a developer’s daily workflow

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C and Rust programming languages continue to rise

C language tops Tiobe’s index of language popularity for a second month, while Rust cracks the top 20 for the first time

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Rust language tops Stack Overflow survey

2020 developer survey finds Rust ‘most loved,’ Python ‘most wanted,’ and Perl, Scala, and Go the ‘top paying’ languages

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