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Create your own cartoons with this pro animation bundle

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A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say. But what happens when that picture starts to move? When the animation is well done, the results can mean everything from a box office hit to an eye-catching hook for an online ad.

If you think that kind of expression is limited to animators working at big production studios, let us let you in on an increasingly open secret: Anyone can be an animator. What used to be a painstaking process laid out on countless hand-drawn cels is now done by software that's available to anyone.

One of the best platforms on the market is Cartoon Animator 4 PRO, and you've probably seen what its predecessor can do on any number of ads and films. Formerly known as CrazyTalk Animator, this complete animation suite proves you don't need to be an artist to make art move. And for those who can create their own images? It opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

The software lets you easily apply "bone rigs" to your own characters or one of CA4's many customizable templates, allowing you to control their movements smoothly and without a lot of steps. 2D images can even be modified to 3D with a few simple clicks. There's even a full motion library that can automate everyday actions like walking or falling.

Once your creations are off and running, you can give them their own personalities with a facial recognition system that maps your own expressions and lip movements onto their form. And, audio is just as easy with text-to-speech functionality.

Want to get started? There's a deal now on the Complete Cartoon Animator 4 PRO Mac Bundle, which includes the Pro software plus a 3-in-1 training course taught by the creative wizards at 2D Animation 101. Macworld readers can pick up the entire package for 64% off at $69.99.

The Complete Cartoon Animator 4 PRO: Mac Bundle - $69.99

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