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Get $200 worth of database and Microsoft SQL training for only $15


We may not have fantasized about working in database management as kids, but many of us are now interested in pursuing careers as database managers, largely due to their generous salaries. Sure, they are more exciting careers out there, but the reality is that data management is critical to the success of any organization and skilled professionals are in short supply.

If this is an area of expertise that you want to explore — but aren't quite ready to risk time and money on actual college classes — then find out whether or not you have the aptitude with The Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL Course. It’s a web-based educational resource, designed for beginners, that introduces students to the world of data management as well as the popular Microsoft SQL platform. It’s perhaps the most risk-free way to learn the basics of this vocation, so you’ll know for sure whether it’s the right career move for you.

What makes this course so different is that it’s accessible entirely via the web. That means there are no actual classroom sessions to attend. You simply log in using your desktop or mobile device and train when it’s convenient. And, since you’ll enjoy lifetime access to the four hours of included content, you’re completely free to go at your own pace. There are no assignment deadlines or tests, so it’s pretty stress-free too.

Jump in, and you'll get up to speed with Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL. You'll come to understand the difference between the query language and the databases, as well as how data is stored within the SQL server. Plus, this course will even have you working hands-on as you create your own database objects, write data into them and access them after.

The Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL Course, designed for beginners, is valued at $199. Purchase it right now, however, and you’ll save over 90 percent off this cost and get it for only $15.

The Microsoft SQL Server & T-SQL Course for Beginners - $15

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