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Can’t find the .com domain you need? Try .tech instead


A good website can make or break your business. But possessing a domain name that’s concise, brandable, and easy to remember is just as, if not more, important. And it is that part of the equation that poses the greatest challenge.

According to an article posted on Yahoo Finance in May of this year, there are now more than 350 million top level domain registrations in existence. TLD’s, for those who may be unaware, include the most popular extensions such as .com and .net. Put simply, if you try to register a name with one of these, you are exceedingly unlikely to find anything of use. 

That is precisely why relatively new domain extensions are growing in popularity. In fact, the .tech domain should be of particular interest to anyone who operates a business or service in the technical or communications industries. It allows easy access to millions of names that are short and memorable while simultaneously offering global appeal, which is exactly what tech businesses desire.

And there are some fairly big name players that have already made the jump, which illustrates just how necessary this domain extension has become. The juggernaut Consumer Electronics Show (CES) registered a .tech domain several years ago. And the vast communications organization, Viacom, has also. So, by registering a .tech domain, you certainly wouldn’t be the only kid on the block.

The bottom line is that short and memorable domains are far more desirable than those that aren’t. If you can’t find what you are looking for from a TLD, give a .tech name a try. And, since they’re currently discounted by as much as 84 percent, now is the perfect time to register. Secure your .tech domain right now for one year at just $7.99, for three years at just $24.99, or for five years at $39.99. Start searching here and get your .tech site online today.

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