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Learn how to develop your own databases for just $12

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Databases are pretty important. They help us to store, sort, and make sense of large amounts of information. In fact, most businesses today use databases in their drive to stay profitable, which is why knowing how to code one is increasingly vital.

As far as database platforms go, MySQL is one of the most popular. What makes it so attractive is that it’s just so easy to learn. Almost anyone, with no previous technical experience, can discover the syntax and start building their own databases from scratch. Beyond that, it’s secure, fast, and inexpensive so it’s likely to fit under any company’s bottom line.

The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp offers a solid introduction to the platform. It includes 34 lectures and five hours of content that’ll brief you on the syntax, show you how to analyze data, and get you coding your own databases for a myriad of applications. It’s flexible, convenient, and since it’s marked down by 94 percent from its original $200 value, it’s easy to afford.

Who knows? It could even propel you into a new career as a database developer. Discover databases and how they manage information with The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp, just $11.99

The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp - $11.99

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