This 23-inch 1080p Dell monitor is down to an insane $70 at Staples today

This monitor won't amaze you, but the price will.


Variable refresh rates and low response times are great to have, but most people just want a solid monitor at a nice price. And we've got you covered: Staples is selling a Dell 23-inch 1080p monitor for $70 after applying checkout code 57501, $100 off its retail price and way lower than any price we've tracked.

Standard 1080p monitors around this size are often about $100 making this a great deal, even without any bells and whistles. This IPS display has a 178-degree viewing angle, a 60Hz refresh rate, 1920-by-1080 resolution, VGA and HDMI ports, and a plain black color. The bezel is pretty thick so you're not getting any infinity edges on this display. Still, this monitor will work fine for gaming, but it won’t blow you away like a specialized gaming monitor with FreeSync or G-Sync would. But you won't find a better price on all-purpose monitor that can play games, stream video, and display those lovely spreadsheets.

[Today’s deal: 23-inch Dell 1080p monitor for $70 after code 57501 at Staples]

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