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Get the 21-app Mega Mac App bundle for just $10

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Believe it or not, the beauty behind Mac computers isn’t in their appearances. While everything from the high-end Mac Pro to the portable Macbook feature sleek, bold designs, where they truly shine is in MacOS, Apple's operating system. However, you won’t get the most out of MacOS unless you have the right apps to take full advantage of its abilities, and this massive, 21-app bundle has everything you need for just $9.99.

The Mega Mac App Bundle features a variety of creative, multimedia, and productivity apps. For example, if you want to use your Mac as a photo editing workhorse, you can use Photo Plus Image Editor and PDF Photo Album to retouch your images and deliver them to clients and friends with custom collages. If you plan on turning your Mac into a multimedia machine, NeatMP3 Pro Music lets you manage your audio file tags for easy organization. Whatever the case may be, the Mega Mac App Bundle has an app that’s perfect for you. 

You need the right set of apps to get the most out of your Mac. The Mega Mac App Bundle has everything you’re looking for, and you can find it here for $9.99, or 88% off.

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The Mega Mac App Bundle feat. 64BitApps - $9.99

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