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Luminar 3 uses AI to automatically edit and enhance your photos for $49 (47% Off)

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Becoming a great photographer requires more than capturing the perfect shot. Pictures still need to be retouched with photo editing software, even in perfect shooting conditions. There are many photo editing apps on the market, but if you’re new to photography, these apps will confuse you with numerous sliders and options. With Luminar 3, you can produce professional results easily for just $49.

The Award-Winning Luminar 3 Software Bundle features Luminar 3, a simple photo editing app that uses AI to apply the perfect edits to your photos. You can automatically adjust color, details, tone, and depth using Luminar 3’s Accent AI slider, which will help you achieve great results in no time. Additionally, Luminar 3 can enhance the sky and foliage in your pictures to deliver vibrant, photorealistic results. Finally, you can create your own photography style using Luminar’s library of 70 different looks and 50 filters. 

Luminar 3 is streamlined out of the box, but if you truly want to take advantage of its powerful features, you can read up on Deep Dive to Luminar 3. This guide will teach you how to develop and enhance your images perfectly using looks and filters, as well as how to remove facial blemishes with the eraser, clone, and stamp tools. 

Producing beautiful photos shouldn’t require hours of tweaking in a complicated editing app. Luminar 3 makes photo editing easy for $49, or 47% off.

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The Award-Winning Luminar 3 Software Bundle - $49

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