Newegg is selling a 10TB external hard drive for $160 today

Grab the 10TB WD Elements desktop external hard drive for $160—between $30 to $50 less than what you'd normally pay.


Newegg has 10 whopping terabytes of deal-making storage for you—but act fast, as the offer ends just before midnight Pacific time on Wednesday. The retailer is selling the 10TB WD Elements desktop hard drive for $160 with the checkout code EMCTBUE24. That price is about $30 to $50 cheaper than what you’d usually pay for a 10TB WD desktop drive. 

We saw a similar deal in April when Best Buy sold the 10TB version of its exclusive WD Easystore line for $160. The Easystore and Elements lines aren’t all the different, save for some cosmetics. They both use a USB 3.0 interface for data transfer, they both have a limited 2-year manufacturer warranty, and they’re both desktop drives, meaning they need their own power source.

The biggest difference between the two (other than visual design) is that the Easystore drives come with added WD backup software, while Elements drives do not. That is not necessarily a downside, as Windows 10 comes with its own backup utilities. And, of course, there’s no shortage of third-party backup utilities available online.

We haven’t tested the Elements model, but we’re generally fans of WD drives. To wit: The 4TB WD My Passport is currently our top pick for the best external backup drive.

Today’s deal: WD Elements 10TB desktop drive for $160 with code EMCTBUE24 at Newegg. ]

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