Swann has a new a floodlight security camera

The Swann Wi-Fi Floodlight Security System integrates a 1080p outdoor camera with a pair of LED floodlights that deliver 2,500 lumens of brightness.

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Swann is expanding its line of Wi-Fi home security cameras with a new model targeting the Ring Floodlight Cam and the Maximus Camera Floodlight.

The Swann Wi-Fi Floodlight Security System ($179.99 at Amazon) features heat and motion sensors that will help it respond only to the presence of people and animals, versus trees and bushes blowing in the wind; an onboard camera that will capture video in 1080p resolution; and twin floodlights that can produce a combined 2,500 lumens of brightness.

Like the Ring and Maximus products, Swann’s floodlight supports two-way audio, and it features an siren that should discourage prowlers from hanging around the area.  The camera offers a 125-degree field of view, and onboard night vision enables it to capture video up to 33 feet (10 meters) in total darkness.

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The LEDs on the Swann Wi-Fi Floodlight Security System produce a combined 2,500 lumens of brightness.

Users with Amazon Alexa- or Google Assistant-powered smart displays (or a Google Home plus a Chromecast device) will be able to stream live video from the camera to those displays.

Users can store video with audio clips locally on the camera for up to seven days, and they can store video in the cloud for up to two days. If you need more storage or you want to store clips for longer periods of time, Swann offers a subscription service that extends cloud storage to a rolling 30-day period for $4.99 per month per camera, or $49.99 per year per camera if paid annually. Subscriptions also come with ongoing premium support, which otherwise runs out after the first 90 days of ownership.

Swann is sending a unit for review, so we’ll have a hands-on opinion of the new product soon.

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