TCL to ship a variety of HEDphones in 2019

TCL gets cute with the names for its new headphones.

socl300btpp beauty

The mis-spelling in the title is deliberate. What else could we do when a company announces at CES four new lines of headphones called SOCL, MTRO, ACTV, and ELIT? Just in case that's not clear, we're talking social, metro, active, and elite -- the intended market segments. 

The SOCL (shown above) are in-ear headphones that are available in a variety of fun colors and because of the in-ear design, also block noise. They're available in both wired and Bluetooth versions.

mtro200btrd standard TCL

The more traditional TCL MTRO over-ear headphones are available in several colors and Bluetooth and non-BT varieties.

MTRO, shown above, are traditional over-ear headphones that are also available in Bluetooth and wired models, as well as several colors. 

actv100bk standard TCL

The ACTV in-earphones from TCL are designed to stay in place when the user is running, or being similarly active.

ACTV doesn't mean active noise cancellation, but exercise. They're in-ear headphones with over-ear hooks that are designed to stay in place when the wearer is running, working out, etc. ACTV will be available in black and white/pearl in Bluetooth and wired models.

elit300bl standard TCL

TCL's high-end in-ear headsets offer the best fidelity.

ELIT are the audiophile grade (at least compared to the other TCL headphones) ear-buds. A Traveler edition with active noise cancellation will be available. Look for reviews when they become available.

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