Users review test data management tools

Developers and IT pros report the pros and cons of CA Test Data Manager, Informatica Test Data Management, and IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management

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For enterprise technology professionals tasked with managing data across an entire organization, test data management tools often come in handy. With a test data management solution, IT professionals supervise and administer enterprise architectures, methods and policies to manage the value of company data successfully. In their reviews, IT Central Station users identified data masking, data subsetting and a secure environment as valuable features when selecting test data management solutions for their companies.

CA Test Data Manager, Informatica Test Data Management and IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management are currently ranked as leading test data management tools in the market, according to IT Central Station user reviews.

Here is what our users have to say about working with these solutions, describing which features they find most valuable and offering insight on where they see room for improvement. 

CA Test Data Manager

Data masking and anonymizing capabilities

Kamil C., a Senior System Engineer at a communications service provider highlights CA Test Data Manager’s data masking features as highly valuable for his company:

“We have needed a tool where the data provided for developers should be easy and anonymized. This is probably the one and only tool with so many features in it, and is sophisticated in its use. We need those features, as I mentioned for masking/anonymizing data with statistical distribution and with preparation of test/dev data (lots of data).”

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