7 container security tools to lock down Docker and Kubernetes

These extra-strength tools bring monitoring, auditing, runtime defenses, and policy-based controls to containers in development and production

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Docker containers help software developers build applications more quickly and deploy them more flexibly. Containers can also help developers make software more secure. 

Automatic analysis of the software components that go into containers, behavioral policies that span container clusters and multiple application versions, and innovative new developments in tracking and managing vulnerability data are just some of the ways containers are bolstering security for the entire application lifecycle.

How much of this comes out of the box, though, is another story. Docker and container management systems such as Kubernetes provide the basics, but not always more than that, leaving more advanced security monitoring and enforcement to third-party tools.

Here are seven recently revamped container security products and services that bring capabilities like vulnerability detection, compliance checking, whitelisting, firewalling, and runtime protections to containers, both in the cloud and in your own data center. 


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