Top workplace tablet in U.S. runs on Windows

But iPads and Android tablets aren't far behind, survey says

U.S. companies use Windows tablets slightly more than iPads and Android tablets, according to a recent Harris poll of IT decision makers.

A mix of tablets are in use at U.S. companies, but Windows tablets are used by 72% of the companies surveyed, with iPads used by 69% and Android tablets used by 60%.

The results are based on an online survey conducted in June and July of U.S. IT officials who have a major influence on computer purchasing at 250 companies with more than 500 workers. Harris also conducted similar studies in nine other countries.

Dell, which commissioned the Harris survey, makes tablets running either Windows or Android. Generally, IDC and other market research firms have reported that all Android tablet makers combined comprise the largest segment of the new tablet shipments in recent quarters, followed by Apple iPads, with Windows tablets trailing, but those findings don't specifically look at tablets used in workplaces.

The Harris survey found that Android was the most frequently used OS on tablets used in workplaces in India, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, China, France, the UK and United Arab Emerates. The iPad took the top spot in Japan, while Windows took the top spot in the U.S.

For the U.S. companies in the survey, 73% use tablets of all varieties as a standard part of workplace devices, with 51% of companies allowing workers to use tablets purchased with their own money. Eighty-one percent of IT managers said tablets have increased workplace productivity.

This story, "Top workplace tablet in U.S. runs on Windows" was originally published by Computerworld.

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