Microsoft Announces Microsoft Windows 10!

Windows from the Ground Up for Phone, Tablet, and Desktop

In San Francisco today, Microsoft announced the hotly awaited "next version" of Windows as being Windows 10. Windows 10 was designed and built for universal access by phones, tablets, and desktops.

It integrates all of the key features used to in today's fast-paced information world, such as:

  • Optimized Touch for Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • Optimized Keyboard Access for Laptops and Desktops
  • Enterprise Features for Secured Business Access
  • Scalable Windows to See Apps and Programs on the Same Screen
  • Common Interface for for "Universal Apps" that'll work across form factor Windows 10 brings back the "start button" concept to the lower left of the screen along with the "Program Menu" concept that users can add programs like Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, etc. to the menu, PLUS the menu also shows (at the same time) the modern Windows application tiles.

This combines the best of the Windows 8 "tiles" concept for touch, plus the program names for users most familiar with a keyboard and mouse experience of Windows XP and Windows 7 Microsoft is signaling that Windows 10 will release by the middle of next year.

The code will be available in Preview (check the Microsoft website to gain access to the code).

So the common question is "What happened to Windows 9?" Microsoft's response is that the leap forward is transformational, that the ability to have Windows span across ALL device platforms dictated a need to name it Windows 10, than simply a transition to Windows 9. Whatever the naming decision was, as we'll all look for is functionality. Microsoft made a MAJOR improvement in bringing back key look and feel that users have enjoyed the most in previous versions of Windows, and the common interface across devices will help to unify Microsoft from the pocket device to the office desktop, and everything inbetween!!!

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