Annoying cubicle behavior

Similar to the passenger sitting in front of you on an airplane, there are annoying behaviors to endure around your own cube.

airline seats

In the recent news, there has become a divide among airline passengers over the tilting back of airline seats. Some airlines have banned an invention that prevents seats from being leaned back into you. It got me thinking what kind of annoyances do people have right at work in their cubicles. Read on to find out if you are the culprit of such indiscretions toward your neighbor.

talking at work

People who talk loudly. On the other hand, there’s also the neighbor who sends you an email instead of just asking you a question or talking with you, and then responding with “Did you get that email I sent you?”

kids at work

It's OK for the cute baby to come by for a visit with mom or dad but once they get to be toddlers the workplace becomes a jungle gym.

finger nail clipper

It doesn't happen all that often, but there are those colleagues who clip their finger nails at work.

social club in cube

There are the ones who hold a social club in their cube (other co-workers constantly visiting and gossiping or talking about non-work things).

decorating cube

Sure the occasional plant or child's artwork is fine, but some people go overboard to put a personal stamp on their cube.

eating at your desk

People who eat strong smelling lunches at their desks.

loud phone calls

It depends of course on what kind of business you are in, but there are those people who make personal phone calls throughout the day. Some times talking in code so you can’t understand the personal phone calls you overhear or muttering nasty comments after hanging up loudly on annoying phone calls. 

messy desk

While this might not be an overannoyance, there are those who are just never organize. And in so doing their stuff starts to grow outside of their cube and into yours.

Music at work

We aren't all music lovers, so how about putting on some headphones fella. Turning on the Doom Metal every afternoon can make for a difficult time at work. Oh and even worse are those who think they can sing. 

nerf gun at work
Flickr: Sundaze

There are those colleagues who want to liven up the cube space. Maybe a little bit of nerf gun action? As it was famously said, "You'll poke your eye out!" And a lawsuit ensues...

cubicle questions

The neighbor who constantly asks you questions when the answer is clearly “Go to Google and look it up.”


The  “Shusher” - the person who acts like the office is a library and gives you dirty looks if your voice is anything higher than a whisper.   


The person who sneezes five times a day. One might think they are allergic to work.