NFL Redzone has a standalone streaming option for $35 per year, but few people are aware of it.

Borderlands 3

In a console generation that's become synonymous with risk aversion, Borderlands 3 plays it even more safe than expected. It's like the last seven years never occurred, except in memes.

iphone 11 pro camera bump

Apple has ultra-high ambitions for its new ultra-wideband chip. It’s more than just tag tracking and AirDrop. So much more.

pcw gaming headset hub image 1200x675 100682246 orig

We pick the best wireless headsets and the best overall headset for your PC gaming pleasure.

iphone 11 and pros

We break down the best deals from the big carriers and retailers.

leading fistful of dollars budgets money

If you have $500 (or less), we've found the best cheap laptops on Amazon and Best Buy. The ones that give you the best bang for buck. Keep reading to find our top picks.

The Full Nerd

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Windows Search borked

Microsoft's patch to fix CPU spiking issues within Windows 10's Windows Search function has apparently broken Windows Search entirely for some people.

regemoudal radio

This emergency radio powers up with hand cranking, solar power or USB, and can charge up small devices. Includes a built-in flashlight and pulls in AM, FM and NOAA signals.