analyze / inspect / examine / find / research / data / charts / graphs / magnifying glass

Knowing where to find inside information about a potential employer can mean the difference between getting a job from...

Electronic Health Records [EHR] / digital medical data, monitor health status, doctor, laptop

More granular information will be provided on site issues

windows update check for updates

Microsoft reveals that users who manually ask for Windows 10 updates during the latter half of the month may receive code being beta-tested in advance of its official Patch Tuesday.

apple acquires texture

Bloomberg says the premium News app expansion is almost ready to go, but some publishers aren't on board.

microsoft work and play bundle crop

A Microsoft job posting hints that Microsoft will offer a Microsoft 365 subscription for consumers in the near future. But what consumer services does Microsoft have left to offer?


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android anti virus security

Expand your Android security knowledge with this comprehensive collection of level-headed resources.

Chrome OS Chromebooks

Your one-stop source for Chrome OS advice, insight, and analysis — from someone who's covered Chromebooks closely since the start.

bose soundsport free gym

Amazon's selling the Bose SoundSport Free truly wireless earbuds for $169 today, and we loved these when they cost $80 more.