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Microsoft has made its revamped Windows Terminal app available in preview for you to download, though many features...

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Frequently asked questions about Appleā€™s next operating system for the Macintosh.

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Want a new Apple device but don't want to shell out for a full-priced version? Consider a refurbished model instead. Our FAQ and refurb deal guide can help you choose.

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The new OpenSSH patch makes it harder to execute attacks such as Spectre, Meltdown, Rowhammer and Rambleed.

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The U.S. Department of Commerce has added several of China's top supercomputer and chipmakers to its "entity list," including the THATIC joint venture between AMD and the Chinese government.

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The company is now telling customers running last year's Windows 10 version 1803 that it will soon begin forced upgrade to the latest feature refresh released in May.

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Amazon has slashed $80 off the price of this Echo and Sub bundle.

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Trying to snag every Activity badge? Here's a full list of every achievement and what you need to do to get it.

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Our sortable chart offers information, dates and locations for a variety of IT-focused events coming up over the next year.