EA's top E3 2015 presser reveals include Star Wars Battlefront, Madden 16, Need For Speed, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

IDG.TV | Jun 15, 2015

Trisha Hershberger gives us insight into the top game announcements from EA's conference at E3 2015, including Star Wars Battlefront, Need for Speed, Mass Effect Andromeda, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Unravel, NBA Live 16, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, FIFA 16, and Mirror's Edge: Catalyst.

**Mass Effect: Andromeda
- 2016 holiday season - cinematic trailer w mysterious protagonist
- Yarnie - gorgeous story of life - physics based puzzle platformer from Coalwood
**PvZ Garden Warfare 2 -
New classes, maps - plants on offensive - zomburbia - char transfer over and free DLC - titanfall moment
Knights of the Fallen Empire -
brothers protagonists
Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
- mobile card game
Minions Paradise -
microtransactions, movie license
**Fifa 16 -
women’s teams - no touch dribbling -
**Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
- parkour! martial arts - no levels or loading screens - Feb 23rd, 16 - Faith’s origin story - music & visuals great - movement animation feels great
**Star Wars Battlefront
gameplay footage looks incredible - demoed Battle of Hoth - really in the Star Wars Universe - flying an xwing
Titanfall 2 ( no longer exclusive?)
**Need for Speed -
gorgeous graphics - open world and twice the size of competitors
Madden NFL 16
- incorporates fantasy football-like drafting