Cyberith Virtualizer hands-on

IDG.TV | Jun 16, 2015

Cyberith's Virtualizer is an eight-sensor device that will let you walk through any virtual environment and is compatible with various virtual reality headsets.

- Austrian startup founded in February 2014 by Tuncay Cakmak and Holger Hager
- Specializes in VR hardware with first product being the Virtualizer
- Virtualizer is a VR device that lets users walk though any kind of virtual environment using their own body movement
- Does this by combining a low-friction principle and high precision sensors with mechanical construction
- Results in an omni-directional treadmill
- You are able to walk, run, jump, crouch and sit while inside the virtualizer
- Three main parts: the pillars, the base plate and ring construction
- When stepping inside, you’re secured by a harness that is connected to a ring-like construction