Private jets, personal security and more pricey CEO perks

12 biggest CEO perks packages in tech

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Compensation extras add up for tech CEOs

Tech CEOs enjoyed a wide range of perks, from corporate aircraft and auto usage to home security, club memberships and financial planning services. Here are the 12 tech CEOs who indulged the most.

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brian roberts

Brian Roberts, CEO, president and chairman, Comcast

Roberts received the highest salary ($2.9 million), largest cash bonus ($9.8 million), and most valuable perks package ($12.9 million) among the 62 pay packages examined. The bulk of Roberts’ compensation extras is tied to deferred compensation earnings. (Deferred compensation plans allow executives to defer a portion of their compensation, which grows on a tax-deferred basis.) Roberts’ total pay, valued at $36.2 million, was up 10% compared to 2014, when he received $33 million.

Perks and other compensation

  • Deferred compensation earnings: $8,727,525
  • Company contributions to deferred compensation plan: $3,828,845
  • Personal use of corporate aircraft: $299,618
  • Company contributions to retirement-investment plan account: $10,000

TOTAL: $12,865,988

mark templeton

Mark Templeton, former CEO and president, Citrix

Templeton, who spent 20 years with Citrix, announced plans to retire last July. His fiscal 2015 compensation package – valued at $15.8 million – included $5.2 million in compensation extras.

Perks and other compensation

  • Retention bonus paid as part of Templeton’s retention agreement: $4,255,000
  • Reimbursement of legal fees to negotiate his retention agreement: $29,220
  • Payment to cover estimated taxes incurred as a result of Templeton receiving the reimbursement payment: $21,116
  • Life insurance policy premiums: $75,335
  • Cash surrender value of life insurance policies transferred to Templeton upon his retirement: $693,517
  • Value of post-retirement benefit continuation: $25,977
  • Premium for supplemental D&O insurance policy: $50,000
  • 401(k) matches: $7,874
  • Premiums for split-dollar life insurance and disability policies: $12,688
  • Company-covered physical examination: $5,000

TOTAL: $5,175,727

mark zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook

Zuckerberg took home a token $1 salary last year and declined any new equity awards. But he still earned a $5 million compensation package, thanks to perks – specifically the tab Facebook picked up for his personal security and use of a private jet.

Perks and other compensation

  • Personal security for Zuckerberg at his residences and during personal travel: $4,256,004
  • Personal usage of private aircraft: $775,011

TOTAL: $5,031,015

gary dickerson

Gary Dickerson, CEO and president, Applied Materials

Dickerson’s pay package climbed 10% in 2015 to $18.1 million. One reason for the gains was Dickerson's perks -- which included a $3.2 million payment for “tax equalization” as part of his relocation to Japan. The relocation costs stem from Applied Materials’ plans to merge with Tokyo Electron in a deal that was scrapped in April 2015. The tax equalization payment compensates Dickerson for higher taxes he paid while living in Japan.

Perks and other compensation

  • Matching 401(k) contribution: $11,925
  • Term life insurance premium payment: $960
  • Payment of accrued dividends upon the vesting of restricted stock: $128,700
  • Patent Incentive Award Program payment: $375
  • Relocation expenses including cost-of-living adjustment, education expense reimbursements, and relocation allowance: $430,844
  • Tax equalization in connection with relocation: $3,235,728
  • Taxes incurred in connection with relocation: $380,517

TOTAL: $4,189,049

randall stephenson

Randall Stephenson, CEO, president and chairman, AT&T

Stephenson benefitted from a long list of perks, but one that’s missing is personal travel on the company jet. Since 2013, he’s been reimbursing AT&T for the cost of any personal use of its aircraft. In the big picture, 13% of Stephenson’s $25.1 million total compensation came in the form of perks and compensation extras.

Perks and other compensation

  • Deferred compensation earnings: $170,269
  • Change in pension value: $2,557,869
  • Financial counseling, including tax preparation and estate planning: $14,000
  • Auto benefits: $26,310
  • Supplemental health insurance premiums: $22,416
  • Club memberships: $2,767
  • Communications: $19,229
  • Home security: $57,806
  • Company-paid premiums on supplemental life insurance: $222,979
  • Matching contributions to 401(k) plan and stock purchase and deferral plan: $187,588

TOTAL: $3,281,233

jeff bezos

Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon

The bulk of Bezos’ compensation is tied to personal security. Amazon picked up the $1.6 million tab to provide personal security for Bezos, as well as to provide security for him at business facilities and during business travel. The only other compensation Bezos received last year is an $81,840 salary.

Total perks and other compensation: $1,600,000

marc benioff

Marc Benioff, CEO and chairman,

Benioff’s $33.3 million compensation package included $1.4 million paid by for his personal security as well as security arrangements provided at business facilities and for business travel. That’s the only perk Benioff received.

Total perks and other compensation: $1,449,882

thomas richards

Thomas Richards, CEO, president and chairman, CDW

Richards took home a pay package valued at $7 million last year, and $1.3 million of that total is tied to perks and other compensation. Cash retention payments related to a deferred compensation plan made up the bulk of the compensation extras at $1,286,954. CDW also paid supplemental disability premiums, as well as matching and profit-sharing contributions to Richards’ 401(k) account, but the company didn’t detail the dollar amount of those perks.

Total perks and other compensation$ 1,300,347

virginia rometty

Virginia Rometty, CEO, president and chairman, IBM

Rometty’s 2015 pay package, valued at $19.8 million, included perks worth $866,621.

Perks and other compensation

  • Tax reimbursements: $32,610
  • IBM contributions to defined contribution plans: $515,000
  • Personal travel on company aircraft: $248,827
  • Personal financial planning, ground transportation, personal security, annual executive physical, family attendance at business-related events, and other personal expenses: $70,184

TOTAL: $866,621

lowell mcadam

Lowell McAdam, CEO and chairman, Verizon

McAdam’s 2015 pay package, valued at $18.3 million, included $682,057 in perks and other compensation.

Perks and other compensation

  • Change in pension value: $83,092
  • Personal use of company aircraft: $125,637
  • Personal use of company vehicle: $9,816
  • Company contributions to qualified savings plan: $19,188
  • Company contributions to nonqualified deferral plan: $390,512
  • Company contributions to life insurance benefit: $36,351
  • Reimbursement for routine medical exam and home security: $17,461

TOTAL: $682,057

marissa mayer

Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo

Mayer last year received a $36 million pay package – $548,711 of which was tied to perks.

Perks and other compensation

  • Personal security services: $544,061
  • Company 401(k) plan matching contributions: $4,500
  • Group term life insurance premiums: $150

TOTAL: $548,711

william brown

William Brown, CEO, president and chairman, Harris

Brown’s 2015 pay package, valued at $6.8 million, included $469,804 in perks.

Perks and other compensation

  • Insurance premiums: $4,797
  • Company contributions to retirement plan: $8,804
  • Company credits to supplemental executive retirement plan: $140,107
  • Perks and other personal benefits: $38,548
  • Dividend equivalents on vested stock awards: $277,548

TOTAL: $469,804