Google overhauls My Maps with its first update since 2014

Customize your own topographical creations with a splashy new interface and several new capabilities.

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Derek Walter

Google’s dormant My Maps app is back after a lengthy hiatus. It sprung to life with an update that splashes the interface with Material Design and adds in several new features.

My Maps lets you create custom maps to keep track of important places or travel routes. The app now has a brief tutorial that gives you an overview of the features to explore. Google also says the performance is much quicker thanks to under-the-hood improvements. 

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Creating and editing your own apps is much smoother thanks to an update to Google’s My Maps app.

You’re also able to view photos, videos, and other locations you saved with any of the other Maps applications. It’s a pretty neat set of tools, and if you want to check it out you can download My Maps from the Play Store.

The impact on you: My Maps is a pretty handy service if you want to contribute to the Maps community or create a more permanent memory of a recent trip. Now that the app is back from the dead, it could be worth exploring to see if it could make for a useful component for your travel or just general commute planning.

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