Hangouts targets improved call quality and speed with peer-to-peer connections

The change could alleviate some of the long-standing criticism of sluggishness and poor call quality with Google's communications platform.

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Derek Walter

Hangouts will now seek to establish peer-to-peer connections for new calls, a move that should improve the speed and quality of connections.

A Reddit user spotted the change when initiating the call recently. Also, Google launched a help page that outlines how the upgrade works, including the caveat that P2P connections will reveal your IP address. 

hangouts peer to peer Reddit

You may see a notification about improved quality next time you initiate a Hangouts call.

A Google representative confirmed to Venturebeat that Google will roll out the change across all platforms: Android, iOS, and the web. So you may see such an improvement next time you use Hangouts to make a voice call.

Why this matters: This move should help Hangouts with better call quality, which I’ve found to often be a subpar and frustrating experience. Google notes this feature will kick in when possible, so don’t expect to see it every single time. 

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