Spice up your Skype video messages with a new collection of zany filters

Along with some Halloween-friendly emoticons, there are several functional improvements to the latest version of Skype.

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Skype is sprinkling in a few dashes of Halloween together with some other helpful features in the latest update to its mobile apps.

You can now add some flair to your video messages by picking one of several new filters. Some of the selections add a hint of the Netherworld, while others are ideal for wishing someone a happy birthday or other pleasantries.

Microsoft also made it easier to send a group photo or attach a file with a new icon in the group chat media bar.

There are also new tricks for iPhone 6s users. You can use 3D Touch to launch a new chat, the dialpad, or to search Skype.

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Use Apple’s new 3D Touch and “peek and pop” with the latest version of Skype.

You can force touch on a recent conversation to “peek” at the latest IMs or images. 

Grab the update for your platform of choice from Google Play or the App Store (separate downloads for iPhone and iPad).

The impact on you: Skype’s strong, cross-platform presence makes it the default service for many when it comes to video messaging. That’s because Microsoft has built up Skype to perform well with each platform’s unique feature set, such as 3D Touch, Android widgets, support for Apple Watch, and Android Wear.

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