Hide pictures of your ex thanks to Google Photos for Android update

You can finally nix someone from Google's automatic grouping capability.

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Derek Walter

Google Photos now lets you banish pictures of someone you’d rather not see again from the app’s People section.

Google automatically groups pictures together of the same individual using image recognition. With the version 1.8 update, you can now hide a person from appearing in the People section. Doing so will also ensure they don’t show up in a “Rediscover this day” card, which routinely offers up past photos that might be of interest.

Google says the same features are coming soon for the web and iOS versions of its photo service. Along with the new banish-your-ex tool, you can now pinch to zoom when viewing search results. Google also promises some “spooky fast” performance improvements and bug fixes.

The update is on its way through the Google Play Store

Why this matters: While the ability to find someone in your photo collection automatically can feel magical, it’s not so cool if you run into a face from the past you’d rather not see. This update should help eliminate a potentially awkward moment during the holidays when you’re showing off your photos to friends and family members.

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