Ten spooky and fun Halloween watch faces for Android Wear

Dress up your watch with everything from cute pumpkins to dark, netherworld creepiness.

halloween watch faces
Derek Walter

Put some Halloween on your wrist

Forget wearing a Halloween necklace or a light-up Pumpkin pin: it’s time to drag your spooky accessories into the 21st century. 

That means you need to outfit your Android Wear watch with a creepy face. It doesn’t have to be scary, especially if you have little ones or don’t want others to think you’ve joined a sinister cult. 

Here are ten good Android Wear watch faces that will add a little pizzazz to your wrist this Halloween.

halloween watch face

Halloween Watch Face

The Halloween Watch Face is pretty straightforward, but it does let you pick what kind of jack-o-lantern face you want, with a range of choices from rather evil-looking to happy and cute.

This watch face also has a pretty neat ambient mode, so you can still peek into eyes of evil even when the face isn't fully lit up.

Halloween Watch Face ($0.99)

plants v zombies

Plants vs. Zombies

Nothing says Halloween like a zombie on your watch. So why not make it one of the zany, omnbivore creatures from Plants vs. Zombies?

It's a pretty straightforward watch: the zombie's arms tell you the time. It's sure to get some chuckles if you wear it on Halloween night or whenever you want to get a watch face that's much less utilitarian.

Plants vs. Zombies Watch Face (free)

skull wear

Skull Wear

If you want something really creepy, Skull Wear is a good choice. You can choose among a number of different skeleton faces, all of which are well-illustrated. 

However, this won't be the watch face you want to wear to your child's Halloween party in Kindergarten class.

Skull Wear ($0.99)


Halloween Watch Face

Multiple watch faces in the Play Store go by the name Halloween Watch Face, but this is one of the better ones. It does a nice job at marrying a tradtitional watch face setup with some fun, Halloween coolness.

You get slight customization options with the ability to change the overall color scheme to a bright orange, dark purple, or black and white theme.

Halloween Watch Face (free)

halloween hd

Halloween Watch Face

This other Halloween Watch Face is another good mixture of fun with a dark, Halloween atmosphere. 

The ambient mode shows the outline of the jack-o-lantern, with a bright orange font for the clock. This face also works on either square or round watches, so no matter the model of your Android Wear device you'll be Halloween ready.

Halloween Watch Face (free)

old standard watch face

Old Standard Watch Face

If you want something besides pumpkins and skulls, then check out Old Standard Watch Face. It fits the Halloween theme quite nicely by making your watch look like it was dropped on the ground.

The seconds hand also is wonky, but that's by design to go with the "broken watch" theme. Just go with it.

Old Standard Watch Face (free)

halloween animated

Watch Face Halloween

This Halloween-themed watch face throws some animation into the mix. You'll see a flying witch roving about your screen, which makes it a clever choice if you want to show off your Halloween fun side.

There were a couple of times when the animation faded out, but perhaps your experience will be different. Besides, you can probably put up with it for one night.

Watch Face Halloween (free)

halloween pack

Halloween Pack for WatchMaker

To use this watch face, you'll need to have WatchMaker Premium installed, which is a pretty cool app for building your own watch faces. 

Once that's out of the way, then grab the Halloween Pack. My favorite face was the Halloween countdown, but there are some other options that will put your watch into the spirit.

Halloween Pack for Watchmaker ($0.99)

zombie watch face

Zombie Watch Face

If the Plants vs. Zombies option is too tame for you, then dial up the creepiness factor with the Zomie Watch Face.

It's like Baskin Robbins for the undead: there are 31 different flesh-eating creatures to choose from. The group includes dogs, children, and other zombies in various stages of decomposition.

Zombies Watch Face ($0.99)

skull watch face

Skull Watch Face

I really dig this one because of the cool, neon glow the watch face emits in ambient mode.

There isn't a ton of customization here (you just get to choose red or white for the hands) but it could go great at a Halloween party or while out trick-or-treating.

Skull Watch Face ($0.99)