Sony Playstation 4 gets a price drop in US and Canada today

Back in mid-September at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced a price cut for the Playstation 4 in Japan. At the time they made no announcement about cuts in other regions. While some of my colleagues in the tech blogging community were not convinced  that a similar cut was needed in the West since the PS4 is selling well, I disagreed. I felt that a price cut was the only marketing tool they had available this holiday season. With the Xbox One cheaper and adding backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games in November, and Sony having a pretty weak list of exclusive titles this holiday, they needed something to help keep the momentum up.

Today that price cut arrives in the US and Canada, and the new price applies to bundles. Starting today you can get a 500 GB Playstation 4 bundled with The Nathan Drake Collection for $349.99 US ($429.99 CAD), a $50 US price cut over similar bundles. This is the first of several bundles that'll go from $349.99 up to $429.99 (the more expensive bundles include either a 1 TB PS4 or more than one game). You can find the whole list at the Playstation Blog

Sony hasn't yet announced a price drop in Europe, but I expect one is coming soon.

In other Sony news, the company has purchased SoftKinetic. They make sensors that can track things in 3D, including distance tracking. The technology has been compared to that of Microsoft's Kinect sensor, but don't expect Sony to produce a Kinect rival. Instead most pundits expect them to use the technology in their Playstation VR system and/or with their lesser known SmartEyeGlass augmented reality glasses. TechCrunch has a good post on the acquisition.

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