10 signs you play too many mobile games

If you spend more time raiding villages in Clash of Clans than watching your kids, you might have a problem.

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I’m the last person to rag on mobile games, because mobile games are awesome. They’re a great way to casually pass the time when you’re in line at Starbucks, or hanging out outside the movie theater waiting for your friends to drop by. Or when you’re bored in the bathroom (because, you know, we get bored in the bathroom these days).

But some mobile games are highly addictive—even if they’re supposed to be casual. I’m not saying you shouldn’t play mobile games when you’re not waiting in line (or pooping), but you probably shouldn’t play them all the time. Not sure if you’ve been playing too many games on your phone? If you’re dreaming about Clash of Clans, you almost certainly are.

You know all the anagrams to four-letter words

You know exactly how Liz Lemon feels, thanks to Wordament, Ruzzle, and Word Streak With Friends.

You met your significant other on Words With Friends

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Nothing spells romance like verbal prowess, right? Back in 2012, Zynga polled its Words With Friends users and found that 10 percent had hooked up with an opponent (while 46 percent claimed to be ‘crushing’ on a current opponent).

You neglect your significant other to play Puzzle & Dragons

This list is tongue-in-cheek, but even I can’t make this up: one poor soul had Puzzle & Dragons deleted from his phone by his jealous girlfriend (she was jealous of the game).

You wake up in the middle of the night to collect from your farming games

There’s a limited-time in-game event going on. You can’t risk not getting that completely useless (and not even very cool-looking) decoration just because you were doing something stupid, like sleeping.

You’re about to go to bed. Two hours later…

You’re still playing Alphabear. You’ll stop after this next round. Er, the next one. Three more rounds. Five.

When you do get to bed, you dream about Candy Crush

If you’re lucky, you wake up with savant-like knowledge on how to beat level 1052.

You’ve got a freemium game ‘system’

Freemium games might make you wait for stuff, but you have a system: You play so many freemium games that by the time you’re done cycling through all of them, the first game is ready to play again!

You didn’t even notice your toddler spent $1000 on in-game currency

Because you routinely spend that much on in-game currency. You may need to rethink your finances.

You have tech neck

You may not be a soft, pasty, gamer stereotype, but don’t think that looking at your phone all the time isn’t taking its toll on your body.

Physics games have influenced how you see the world

Instead of admiring an interesting piece of architecture, you think…if there were a green pig on the other side of that building, at what angle would I have to hit it with an exploding black bird in order to knock it down and kill the pig?

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