Apple Sept. 9 event: We asked Siri to give us a hint. The answers will amuse you

Siri can get quite sassy at times.

siri hint 090915 02
Hey Siri...

Apple’s invitation to its September 9 event features the tagline, “Hey Siri, give us a hint.” So what happens when you ask Siri for a hint? Here are some of the answers.

siri hint 090915 06
Playing coy

Got it. But we’re going to ask again.

siri hint 090915 09

I’m looking. But I’m starting to feel desperate.

siri hint 090915 08
Desperation: Not a good look

C’mon Siri! This is like waiting for Christmas!

siri hint 090915 10
Just a little peek...

Siri is very perceptive. And I’m persistent.

siri hint 090915 07

OK, Siri. Can I get a what what?

siri hint 090915 04
Being evasive

This also happened to be the answer I got when I asked Siri for a what what (see previous slide).

siri hint 090915 03
What about the coconut?

All these non-answers are giving me a belly ache. I’ll ask one more time...

siri hint 090915 05
According to the mill

I just might do that. Thanks, Siri.