Android Marshmallow developer preview 3 and SDK are now available

You can grab the final build of the SDK to test out all the latest features in the newly christened Android Marshmallow.

android marshmallow
Android Developers

Google did more than just pull the cover off its Android Marshmallow statue Monday. It also released the final software development kit, and third developer preview, for what’s now called Android 6.0.

If you have a Nexus 5, 6, 9, or Nexus Player you can download and install the build to your device from the Android developers page. If you need a little guidance, follow our guide to flash the system files to your device.

According to the Android Developers Blog your device will get an over-the-air update if it’s already running an Android Marshmallow (previously known as Android M) preview.

Why this matters: Getting an early build of the freshly minted Marshmallow will ensure developers can get their apps ready for a final release. There are a lot of new APIs and permissions in Android 6.0, so this August build gives some time to tinker with all the features before Marshmallow gets promoted to a final, public version in the fall.

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