Android Experiments is Google's new playground for off-the-wall apps

The new site showcases a collection of creative and unusual Android apps crafted by various developers.

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Android Experiments

Google has launched a splashy new site that highlights numerous zany and creative Android apps. It’s called Android Experiments, and it’s a curated collection designed to show off the flexibility of Android development tools.

Anyone can submit their app to the site. It’s then reviewed by a team of Google engineers who will pick and choose which get promoted. 

There’s a heavy emphasis on sharing one’s work, as all of the projects are open source and include a link where you can grab the code from GitHub.

Not all the apps are brand new for Android Experiments. One of the featured selections is Form Watch Face by Google’s Roman Nurik, among our choices for the best apps only on Android. It matches up a watch face with your Android home screen background, and includes design choices consistent with Google’s Material Design.

Why this matters: This is a pretty neat way to show off some of the more creative work being done by Android developers. It also can help foster a greater sense of community and collaboration among those who want to try out each other’s apps, given that they’re all open source. It also offers Google a method for showcasing its various developer tools available, as the site highlights not only the Android SDK but Chrome web apps and Project Tango.

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