Space agency head wants to build a village on far side of moon

the moon
Thangaraj Kumaravel via Flickr

The new leader of the European Space Agency (ESA) is quite eager to see humans build a small city on the far side of the moon.

CityLab talked with Johann-Dietrich Woerner, who became director general of the ESA in early July, about his vision for a community on the moon devoted to invading and conquering Earth scientific and technological research:

“Why not have a moon village?” says Woerner. “A moon village not meaning a few houses, the town hall, and a church—the moon village would consist of a settlement using the capabilities of different space-faring nations in the fields of robotic as well as human activities.”

Sure, but let's not rule out the town hall and some green space; why shouldn't a moon village be quaint? Quaint draws tourists, baby!

CityLab has all the geeky details about how the city would be constructed (using robots at first) and what it would need ("habitation units, laboratories, power generators,  facilities for processing lunar water and resources, a manufacturing workshop, and a greenhouse"). 

Regarding placing the village on the far side of the moon, Woerner assures CityLab:

“It’s not the dark side of the moon as Pink Floyd was thinking,” he says. “The far side of the moon—the hemisphere of the Moon that always faces away from Earth—is as bright as the side of the moon we see. You know that sometimes during a month the moon is dark. At that time, the other part of the moon is very bright.”

Woerner offers no timetable for when a moon city might be constructed, so hold off on lobbying for an NFL franchise there until we can pin him down.


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