One Plus's Carl Pei: We'll introduce another phone by the end of this year

After going a year without a new release, the company may have two new phones within a six-month timespan.

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Florence Ion

The head of OnePlus says a third device, which might have better specs than the just-released OnePlus 2, will launch by the end of the year.

In an interview with USA Today, OnePlus's Carl Pei, Head of Global, seemed to mistakenly hint the the forthcoming phone is a step up from the OnePlus 2. His initial reaction to viewing the device’s specs was, “that’s going to be my daily driver,” which certainly indicates something more impressive than the OnePlus 2.

Despite that outburst, he wouldn’t confirm the next phone would have wanted features like NFC or fast-charging, which were notable no-shows in the OnePlus 2. Pei reiterated his stance in the interview that “very few people” use NFC, despite the rise of services like Apple Pay and Google’s restructuring of its Wallet service to Android Pay.

But a lot of people did buy the OnePlus One, at least enough to justify a follow-up and now a third device. In his interview with Greenbot, Pei said the company sold 1.5 million OnePlus One phones.

In the USA Today piece he said the third OnePlus phone would be out by the end of the year, “hopefully for Christmas.” OnePlus has a mixed record when it comes to meeting deadlines, so we’ll keep a watch on this to see what happens.

The story behind the story: The OnePlus 2 is a rather solid device considering its sub-$400 price point. However, when the Moto X Pure Edition launches in about a month there will be tough competition from a phone you can actually buy without an invite and backed by a company with a better-known reputation. This holiday season will be a telling next chapter in the unusual story of OnePlus.

This story, "One Plus's Carl Pei: We'll introduce another phone by the end of this year" was originally published by Greenbot.

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