Sysadmin Day: Play a game, win a prize, send some ecards, and celebrate

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One site worth visiting as you ready yourself for Sysadmin Day celebrations this Friday is ManageEngine. From this site, you can send your sysadmins or fellow sysadmins an ecard, you can learn what the sysadmin personality is really like as you separate myths from facts (some interesting survey results), you can play a word game to test your IT-Q (my favorite), or you can win a prize by coming up with the winning captions for a series of short videos.

Visit ManageEngine to have a little sysadmin fun.

ManageEngine, a division of Zoho, specializes in IT management tools. They offer a fairly large collection of tools that are free along with others that have price tags that are still likely much smaller than you'd expect, having emerged at a time when lots of smaller companies simply couldn't afford the kind of IT management tools that were being sold by the "Big Four". So ManageEngine filled the gap and now has more than 100,000 customers.

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survey reveals the true sysadmin personality

I had a chance to talk today with Raj Sabhlok, President of Zoho, and chat about the ManageEngine's focus on affordable IT management tools and their encouragement and support of systems administrators through accessible tools and social sites. You can visit ManageEngine's free tools page and get links to their Twitter and Facebook sites.

Raj Sabhlok shared some interesting perspectives on the changing role of sysadmins, the new challenges we face as our user populations' expectations have grown considerably, affected by the apps they use in their personal lives and not discouraged by our heightened concerns for security. Yet, in spite of the heightened expectations of our users and the many challenges we face with the complex systems and applications we manage, it's fun to take a mental break -- if only once a year -- and be acknowledged for the hard work we do. I've been a Unix sysadmin for more than 30 years now and a little public recognition feels just about right.

So don't forget to have a little fun while you're on the site. Celebrate Sysadmin Day with enthusiasm! We deserve it.

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