Microsoft's Arrow Launcher gives your homescreen a glossy makeover

The launcher is still in beta, but the APK is here for the taking if you want to give it a whirl yourself.

arrow launcher
Derek Walter

Microsoft’s garage keeps cranking out those Android apps. The latest is a custom launcher that repaints your home screen design and replaces the wallpaper with a serene background.

Arrow also auto-suggests your most frequently-used apps and repurposes the home screens to different uses, like reminders and contacts. 

microsoft arrow android

Microsoft Arrow remakes your Android home screen and changes up some of the icons.

Surprisingly it doesn’t have a Bing button prominently on the homepage, unlike some of Microsoft’s other efforts to get its search engine more prominent play on Android. The interface reminds me of Yahoo’s Aviate with the use of translucence and redesigned icons.

Strangely, I found the wallpaper stuck around even when I switched away from the Arrow luancher.

You can request access to the beta build by joining the official Google+ community. If you want to play around with Arrow now, grab the APK.

The story behind the story: In many ways Microsoft is back to the company’s roots as a software maker. Microsoft has a wide range of apps for Android, such as Office for phones and tablets. Other projects include Torque, which powers your voice searches on Android Wear with Bing (if that’s something you really want), and the Next lock screen.

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