Take that ice cream cone out of your pocket or you're under arrest

atomic bomb
Credit: Top Ten Media screen shot

We can't pretend to know the reasoning behind the strange laws on the books in some U.S. states, but here's a video by Top Ten Media that highlights some of the most bizarre.

Also, we actually can't verify whether these all truly are laws. Well, we could verify, but have decided not to bother. It's Friday afternoon, and we're really just shooting for page views here, not accuracy or enlightenment. Those are quaint relics of an earlier publishing era that exists only in the minds of delusional and bitter old journalists who can't believe they not only have to "curate" pointless drivel for the drooling masses, they have to pimp it on social media. Yeah, you could say we're jaded.

As for the law in Hawaii prohibiting people from building an atomic bomb, it is reported that the National Rifle Association is readying a vigorous 2nd Amendment-based challenge. 

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