Hilarious Google Maps easter egg answers age-old question: 'Are we there yet?'

Google Maps ain't taking your sass this summer, missy, so watch it!

Florence Ion

We've seen Siri awkwardly avoid our marriage proposals, Cortana fill us in on Clippy's retirement years, and now it's time for a little sass from Google Maps on Android. Echoing the sentiments of parents everywhere on road trips with small children this summer, Google Maps is tired of hearing one simple question: "Are we there yet?"

If you ask that question enough times in a row, Google Maps navigation will finally put its proverbial foot down and respond, "If you ask that again, we won't stop for ice cream." It takes about four repeated tries before Google Maps will come back with this parental classic.

Google Maps doesn't have the contextual smarts we see in Google Now. So you won't trigger the response if your follow-up questions are "Now?" or "How about now?" or "Now are we there?" In my tests, it needed to be "Are we there yet?" every single time.

Adding to the surrealism of the whole Easter Egg, Google's voice navigation is a lot calmer than most parents are when hearing that question for the fourth time. Instead of a screaming angry mess, you get a very straightforward response, but you would expect nothing else from Google's serene voice lady.

To get the new Easter Egg you have to be running the latest version of Google Maps.

The impact on you at home: Everybody loves a good Easter Egg and this one is certainly perfect for the season. Parents may find this one especially useful at entertaining kids in the backseat without having to give up on the navigation app for YouTube Kids. Just don't let them release their seatbelts to talk to the phone.

[via Android Police]

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